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Support Buddies delivers support for people with a variety of needs, including those with challenging behaviours, physical disabilities or other health conditions.


Our approach  means that each individual will receive support that is tailored to their specific needs, however complex those needs might be.

You'll notice we don't use the word 'service user' or 'care' and

you won't see us in branded uniforms when out and about in the community. The reason for this is that we're passionate about ensuring that we develop trust with individuals, making them feel as comfortable as possible at all times. 


By offering people using our services the benefits of community based support, we are able to provide the kind of support that develops their confidence and social skills, as well as establishing a beneficial routine. By offering this kind of support they are able to maintain independence, while still experiencing a fulfilled life.

Do you have a question? Please don't hesitate to get in touch as we'd love to hear from you

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