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"Emma has been working as a Support Buddy for our son Samuel for the last ten years. Over the years she has made a marked difference to Sam's confidence levels and has been a wonderful support worker for Sam. Emma has enabled him to go to large events such as football matches, cinema, bowling etc without suffering any anxiety and Sam very much enjoys her company. Support Buddies is an asset to our family and to Samuel."

"Support buddies are amazing support for our daughter who has adhd-autism- learning and behaviour difficulties.Great knowledge and understanding of her disabilities.Emma is a very caring loving person who goes above and beyond with her support allowing our daughter to explore new experiences and new places of interest whilst putting our minds at rest knowing she is having an amazing time with the support- security and care she requires.our daughter admires Emma and looks very forward to the days they spent together. We couldn't ask for any more fantastic."

"Emma has been my Support Buddy for eight years. She supports me to whatever I need and want to do whether it's walking the dogs, going to the cinema, accompanying me to my medical appointments, going to watch Saints play, or going to concerts. If I didn't have Emma as my Buddy, I wouldn't be able to do all the things I want to do. She is more than a buddy to me, she is my friend. She makes me happy whenever I am with her. She is such a caring person"



"Support Buddies has been an invaluable support for our family over the years and we really like the consistently good level of care"

 "I am pleased to give a testimonial for Support Buddies, as they have proved to be an excellent carer, and has transformed the life of my cousin, Philip.


Emma has worked with my cousin Philip for four years.  Philip moved into the care home, where Emma was Assistant Manager, after being in hospital for more than a year due to having a fractured hip, which had fused, and, proved to be inoperable.  The consultant surgeon at Phil’s hospital explained Phil would never be able to walk again.  Emma felt, on meeting Phil, that he would fit into the care home and that they would get him walking again.  They did just that! With professionals coming to help with physiotherapy etc., Phil began to walk again using a frame.  


Emma is very committed to her clients and strives to obtain the best to meet their individual needs.  Emma has sought out charitable funding to purchase special furniture and special equipment Philip needs.  Over the course of two years Emma worked tirelessly to obtain a mobility allowance for Phil to obtain his own car.  Emma has great drive and patience.


Phil is a great Saints fan.  Emma loves football and is very happy to take clients to see the Saints (Southampton) play. 


Emma is fun and enthusiastic and endeavours to give her clients the best of life."


Angela Blackburn

"Support Buddies has enabled S to safely access the activities she loves. They have supported her to go swimming, the cinema and shopping. They have supported with skill and care, enabling her to do the things she loves. They have been flexible and adaptable and have encouraged independent skills whenever possible. I have never worried about S whilst in their care. They are lovely caring people who put the client at the heart of everything they do."

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